Jesús Gaztelu

Jesús Gaztelu – “Like many species had to adapt in times of crisis, reinventing themselves, the same way we are called to do. To do this, technology becomes to your side…” –


TECHNOLOGICAL ADVICE – You sure you can not improve their technology infrastructure while saving? – Specialized in providing complete solutions in computing, surveillance and security for enterprises. Specializing in the IT Outsourcing, we also offer services provider hardware and software by amazing prices.


ON-SITE SERVICE – What is the cost having stopped your systems? – To solve the problems, we offer to you computers or peripherals to solve it, in the most professional manner.


STAFF PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT – How much costs having staff inoperative? – Specialized in fast repairs for companies that need urgent services as Linux servers, Windows servers and high availability of voice and data. Resource optimization to minimize waiting times in operations (If you have to wait 20 seconds for each operation, what time an operator loses in one day? And one year? And all operators?


Over 20 years leading computer maintenance companys in Spain, besides server installations switchboards and video surveillance companies like TOYOTA, BRASSICA GROUP, SA, AGB ADVISORS, COMMUNICATION LINE 6, Linear Photochrome, SL, THE WICKER HOUSE …


Therefore, the technology consulting and computer maintenance is our main business, we can grant you’ll be satisfied.


Jesús Gaztelu – “For bloggers, this site aims to be a meeting point to provide technological solutions of all kinds. I look forward to all professionals and amateurs in the computer sector, with an interest in pooling experience and skills to help, guide and enhance learning.


You can suggest topics, ask for testing, inquire about any topic related to computer science (Development, systems, consulting, …) and we will try to service everyone. Although our time is limited, we have partners who help us to answer your needs and curiosities.


Thanks in advance for your colaboration.” –